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Water Heater Repair & Installation in

New Haven CT

Water Heater Services in New Haven CT

One of our 20th century luxury is that we can shower with hot water any time we choose to do so. So it's more than frustrating when you want to shower but your water heater doesn't heat up the water anymore.

Our water heater services do not only include the replacement and installation, but especially the water heater repairing. Often plumbers try to convince their customers that they need a new water heater instead of trying to repair it.

Before we advice you to replace your water heater, we will always try to repair it first! Often there are just little things that need to be replaced and the water heater works perfectly again. 

Our New Haven plumbers know how to repair or replace any water heater and can also help you figuring out, how to be more ecofriendly when using a water heater. No matter what problem you have, our plumbing experts can help you with any water heater issue you have. 

Just give us a call and let us help you get your water heater back to normal.

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Our Plumbing services for New Haven CT

Quality Water Heater Repair in New haven cT

Showering with cold water might be good for the immune system, but in most cases it's not really fun to do. Especially, when the outside temperature shows you minus degrees. 

Our experience has shown us, that the reason that your water heater does not heat up the water anymore is often small and easy to fix. Sometimes there is just one little thing that needs to be replaced and your water heater works without problem again. 

There is a reason why our clients love to work with us. Let us show you what our New Haven plumbing company stands for: 

  • High Quality Work - We make sure that our solutions are long-lasting.
  •  Friendly Team -  We are friendly and always treat you with respect.
  • Experienced Team - Our experience helps us to offer quality solutions.
  • Fair Pricing - Quality plumbing services don't need to be expensive. 
  • Happy customers - We make sure that all of our customers are happy with our services.

 Signs you need a water heater maintenance/repair

Homeowners often try to procrastinate a water heater maintenance as long as possible. Why ask for a water heater maintenance if the water heater works perfectly, right? If you don't get a regular water heater maintenance, over time your water heater will stop functioning perfectly and you will get signs that show you that you need to call for an expert.

If you encounter one of the following problems, it is probable that your water heater may need a repair or a replacement:

  • Water heater doesn't heat up water 
  • Tap water has a foul odor
  • Your water heater leaks
  • You are frequently running out of hot water
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • The tap water is rust-colored

When you are noticing one of the above mentioned problems, you should call for a professional plumber in New Haven CT. All of our plumbers are experts and can tell you if your water heater can be repaired or if the problem is too severe so that you should get a water heater replacement. 

Why our Clients choose us

24/7 Emergency Service

No matter what day or time it is, our emergency plumbers are available to help 24/7.

Reliable Team

We stand for what we say. If we make you a promise you can be sure, that we will keep it. Even simple things such as being at your house at a specific time.

Quality Work

All of our plumbers are experts and professionally trained. The fact that all of them love what they do makes it easy for them to offer quality plumbing services to our customers in New Haven CT.

Free Estimates

No matter how small or big the plumbing project is, you'll always get a free estimate first!

Rust-Colored Tap Water

Water heaters maintain a special anode rod which prevents rust from forming inside the water heater and helps to keep the tap water clear. Over time this anode starts to dissolve until eventually it has dissolved completely. That is usually the time when you start to notice that the water has a rust-colored touch to it. In most cases it is enough to flush your water heater and replace the old anode rod with a new one. 

Water heater does not heat water up 

The first thing to do is to check if the pilot light is on. It may sound ridicoulous but you have no idea how often small things like this are the reason why we are called. When you see that the pilot light is on, it is possible that your water heater only needs a new control valve. If you have an electric water heater, the reason that it doesn't heat up the water can also be that it needs a new thermosthat.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why a water heater doesn't work anymore. All of the above mentioned solutions are easy to be done and don't need a whole water heater replacement. If you want to be sure, call a professional plumber in your area. Our plumbers will gladly help you try to repair your water heater without having to spend a lot of money on buying a new one. 

Tap Water smells foul

When you notice that your tap water has a foul odor to it, it is definitely time for a maintenance. There are several reasons why the water starts to smell foul. One common reason is bacteria inside the tap water. This can happen, when the earlier mentioned anode rod has dissolved completely. When the anode rod has dissolved completely, rust can start to form inside your water heater, which makes it easy for bacteria to start growing. In most cases it is enough to flush out the water and replace the old anode rod.

Water heater makes gurgling noises 

When the water heater starts to make strange noises, such as a somewhat gurgling noise, it is usually because of a buildup of sediments on the bottom of your water heater. Often it is enough to flush out the whole water heater which will also flush out all sediments. Then we put in new water and if we find no other reason for the noises, the heater should be ready to go again.

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