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Why is my drain so slow? 

Why your drain is slow

Everyone knows what it's like to have a slow draining sink or tub. It can occur in many different areas inside your home: kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, washing machine, toilets and dishwashers. All of them can experience the issue of a slow drain. 

If you are noticing a slow drain in several areas of your home, for example the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink, you might be dealing with a severe plumbing issue. In this case you should call for a professional plumber.

We at Reliable Plumbing in CT, a plumbing company in New Haven,CT, have been dealing with slow or clogged drains for many years. All of our plumbers know how to deal with slow drains, know what causes them but more importantly, they all know how to fix it.   

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Common reasons for a slow drain

When you understand the reasons behind a slow drain, it will be easier for you to prevent them in the future, because there are some things that you can do. Let us show you the two main reasons for drains starting to get slow.

1. Build-ups

A very common reason for a slow drain are build-ups. These build-ups can occur in any drain, no matter if it is the kitchen drain or a drain inside your bathroom. 

Soap, grease, dirt and food waste, they can all stick together forming a build-up that gets bigger and bigger overtime. Combined with hard water they can form a sticky sludge, which will stick to your pipes and make it hard for wastewater to go by. 

2. Hair

This aspect is especially important for women (or men) with long hair, but also people with short hair can get an obstructed drain caused by hair. These clogs are often found in the bathroom drains, together with soap they can form a big clog which makes your drain go slow. Thankfully, these kind of clogs are normally easy to be removed.

Why and When you should call a professional

In many cases the reason for slow drains are clogs, which are build-up of soap, grease, food waste and hair. When the clog is not deep inside the plumbing system, these clogs are easy to be fixed. They can get messy and dirty, but often even homeowners are able to remove these kind of clogs.

But in some cases the clogs lay down deep in the pipes, in this case a professional plumber should take a look and see where the clog is hidden. When you notice your drains starting to get slow, you should take this seriously and start to remove the clog, either by yourself or by calling a plumber in New Haven,CT or a city near you. If you wait and don't address the issue, a burst pipe or a costly sewer damage can be the worst case scenario.

Our plumbers in New Haven,CT are plumbing experts with a high expertise. We specialize in drain cleaning services and have been dealing with slow drains for many years. If there's something we know a lot about, then it's definitely slow drains. We can also give you tips on how you can prevent slow drains in the future. 

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